EventOctober 21 - January 29, 2017

Amanda Beech’s Covenant Transport Move or Die at Baltic Centre

Amanda Beech, ‘Covenant Transport Move or Die.’

Through Jan. 29, 2017, the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art presents the UK premiere of CalArts Dean of Critical Studies Amanda Beech's Covenant Transport Move or Die.

The exhibit features a five channel video installation starring five characters who form a crew comprising manager, worker, programmer, consumer and dealer. Along with the installation are new copper works. The work explores post-capitalism and the workerist theory—a political theory that emphasizes the importance of the working class.

Covenant Transport Move or Die began at CalArts, partially sponsored by the Center for New Performance. Several CalArtians were instrumental in the project's completion, with students from the School of Theater acting, performing voice overs and working on costume and stage management. Students from the Schools of Film/Video and Art were involved in postproduction.

Beech is an artist and writer whose work "proposes a new realist politics of the artwork and its possibilities in the context of contingency and neo-rationalist conceptions of power." She has exhibited extensively worldwide.

Event Details

Covenant Transport Move or Die

Oct. 21, 2016 through Jan. 29, 2017
Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art
S. Shore Rd., Gateshead NE8 3BA, United Kingdom

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