The Road to CalArts: Learn the Lingo

Before new students arrive on campus at the end of August, we thought we'd help introduce them to CalArts culture through a series of posts. "The Road to CalArts" serves as an unofficial guide for those who are new to the Institute, and a refresher for those who might need it.

For the CalArts Dictionary (slideshow posted above), we've started a glossary of terms that are unique to the Institute. We'll add to the list as the fall approaches, and if you have a contribution to the Dictionary, please leave it in our comments section below.

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  1. Nicole S // //

    Hippie Hill – the hill outside when you exit the first floor by the acting studios.
    The End of the World – The far end corner of the chouinard parking lot over looking Fire Valley.
    Fire Valley

  2. Daniel L Rappaport // //

    • Walt’s Head – Hidden place in the sub-level, where Walt Disney’s head supposedly resides.
    • Tim Burton Door – Wonky door in Chounard where Tim Burton dorm is located.
    • Mom’s – Does it still exist?

    Best of luck with the slideshow!