[out of nothing] Release Party and Reading on Aug. 2

'Untitled #16' by Gabriele Woolever / Courtesy of [out of nothing

'Untitled #16' by Gabriele Woolever

The new electronic publication [out of nothing] is holding a release party and reading on Sunday (Aug. 2) at the New Puppy Gallery in L.A. [out of nothing] features new works--in image, sound, text and the digital arts--and other works located at the intersections among these media.

Editors Janice Lee, Eric Lindley and Joe Milazzo, former CalArts students, have assembled more than a dozen artists and writers for the Sunday reading, including Analisa Raya-Flores, whose story "Ellebow" is featured in the publication's second issue. Here's an excerpt (and a taste of what to expect on Sunday night):

"...After my father died, my mother and I spent the better part of a year making ourselves feel better by making each other feel worse. We imposed friction upon each other, sloughing off the dead skin in hope of a fresh start. At first, we used words. But our throats quickly dried out and our vocal chords grew thick with nodules. I switched to pumice stones, she to brillo pads.

The winter came, and our skins had grown so thin that neither of us had a coat warm enough to fight the cold. Prisoners in our apartment, we sat on the couch, silent and featureless: two raw, peeled potatoes. But thinned and lightened skin was not enough, my mother wanted complete porosity..."

The first two issues are now available online:

Issue #1
[out of nothing] our souls burst forth
like shelling peanuts
[Limbs-Of-The-Trees-Broken-By-Snow, 2009]

Issue #2
a new frame of [nothing]
[When The Ponies Shed, 2009]

[out of nothing] Release and Reading
New Puppy Gallery
2808 Elm St. #1, Los Angeles
Aug. 2 at 5 pm

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