Photography of Janet Sternburg Opens at Skidmore Contemporary Art Next Week

A Breeze | Janet Sternburg

A Breeze | Janet Sternburg

A solo photography exhibit that features the work of Janet Sternburg opens Oct. 24 at Skidmore Contemporary Art in Santa Monica, Calif. A true renaissance woman, Sternburg, who is actively involved in CalArts, both as educator and colleague of her husband, CalArts' president, Steven D. Lavine,  is also a noted poet (Optic Nerve: Photopoems) memoirist (Phantom Limb) and author/editor (The Writer on Her Work, Vols. One and Two).

Sternburg is considered a pioneer in using disposable cameras--and more recently her iPhone--to create fine art images (and without Photoshop manipulation). Here's an excerpt from her artist statement that best describes her approach to photography:

...As for focus, I’m not interested in depicting sharp
boundaries: razor-edge clarity does not represent how I
understand the world.

Instead, I want to mingle inside and outside; layer past and
present; create a fertile confusion sufficient to the richness
of mind and experience.

The online photo gallery (above) is just a sampling of her work and representative of how she views and understands the world.

Janet Sternburg Photographs
at Skidmore Contemporary Art - Bergamot Station

2525 Michigan Avenue, B5
Santa Monica, Calif.


The exhibit's opening reception is next Saturday, Oct. 24 from 3-5 pm, and the show runs through Nov. 28.

For video documentation of Sternburg's summer exhibit Fertile Confusion at the Seoul Institute of the Arts in South Korea, which included a multifaceted installation created in collaboration with projection artist Ed Purver, please visit As of Nov. 1, Sternburg's photographs and writing will be available at

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