Calartians in Two Major NYC Exhibitions

Elad Lassry Untitled (Cheetah)

Elad Lassry's Untitled (Cheetah)

Two recent New York exhibitions serve as bookends marking the history of CalArts’ impact on the art world—from the first wave of Calartians who went on to the make the scene in 1970s New York to the newest graduates of the School of Art.

The Pictures Generation, 1974–1984 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art includes work by Jack Goldstein, Barbara Bloom, Matt Mullican, David Salle, James Welling, James Casebere and Troy Brauntuch, among others. The exhibit runs until Aug. 2.

Another exhibit, The Generational: Younger Than Jesus, just ended its run at the New Museum last week. It was a survey of work by artists under 33 that includes Liz Glynn, Mariechen Danz and Elad Lassry. Glynn’s piece, The 24-Hour Roman Reconstruction Project, or, Building Rome in a Day, a cardboard scale model of the Eternal City built, and subsequently destroyed, in one dusk-to-dusk marathon and documented on video, is the subject of a New York Times slideshow.

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