The Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance Dean Directs Taskforce Liquid Landscapes

Stephan Koplowitz, dean of the Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance at CalArts, is an award-winning director/choreographer/media artist who’s internationally known for his creation of original, site-specific multimedia works for architecturally significant sites.

This past summer Koplowitz continued his work with TaskForce, the site-art dance touring company, composed of selected artists and performers drawn from the cultural landscape of its host city or region. These artists are asked to draw inspiration from the architecture, history, culture and ecology of multiple sites within a single geographic area, and are given an intense timeframe (usually three weeks of rehearsal and one week of performance) within which to work.

Liquid Landscape is TaskForce’s latest project. It’s a three-year triptych based on the theme of water that began in Los Angeles last year. The project continued in June with site-based performances in Plymouth and South Devon areas of the UK. It travels next year to Essen City, Germany (2010).

The above video is a look behind the scenes from the TaskForce UK 2009 performance at Smeaton’s Tower. (The short documentary is best viewed in full screen and in HD: Click on the HD icon on the lower right of the screen and then the full screen icon.)

More information on TaskForce

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