CalArts Grad Directs Carney’s ‘Love Me Chase Me: The Death and Life of Mr. Green’

The LA-based band Carney just released the first single “Love Me Chase Me” from their upcoming Interscope Records full-length debut, tapping CalArts grad Timothy Garrett (Art BFA 08) to direct the music video (above).

24700 e-mailed a few questions to Garrett about the video and his work:

24700: Tell us about your concept for Carney’s Love Me Chase Me video.
TG: The initial concept for the video was to create a piece of art that would build an advocacy for the band rather than just a fan base. A bit ambitious you might say, but I knew we could pull it off. Carney’s upcoming album is called Mr. Green, and there’s a song on it with the same name.

My aim was to take Mr. Green and build him into a tangible character. I struggled for a while with what the first image needed to be and then it came to me. I got off the freeway, stopped at the end of the off ramp and as I restarted the song I saw two red balloons floating up from the park across the street undulating to the tempo of the opening guitar riff. It seemed pretty evident that that was the image I needed to begin with. Everything after that just fell into place with the creation of all the other characters and the world in which they would exist. The objective became creating something magical and surreal for everyone to enjoy.

24700: Is this the first music video you’ve directed?
TG: This is the first video I’ve done on such a large scale. I also recently directed a video for a band called The Lovemakers for their song “Love is Dead.” That video was more of a performance video, whereas Carney’s video was more cinematic and high concept.

24700: How did you move from Graphic Design at CalArts to video/filmmaking?
TG: The transition actually began in my last year at Calarts. I found myself more fulfilled by my video and motion experiments, so everything I focused on in my graphic design studies revolved around filmmaking. That year I learned how film and design could mesh to become a cohesive art form.

I don’t believe a person’s training necessarily dictates what they’re meant to do, however it may assist in achieving the end vision. I’ve been an artist and a musician since I was a child, so both of those elements became assets I’ve carried with me over the years. I’m glad that I was able to immerse myself in the world of graphic design. Design taught me how to create visually appealing imagery while still maintaining a core concept.

24700: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given about your work/career?
TG: Roman Coppola once told me that you should use whatever you have available to you. Follow your vision, make sure your concept is solid, and the rest will come.

24700: What’s next on the horizon for Timothy Garrett?
TG: At the moment I’m in talks with a few artists about video concepts. I can’t name any of the artists yet, but you may know one or two of them. There’s been quite a response from this video, and I’m finding different collaborative doors are opening up.  Let’s just say I’ve got a few tricks hidden up my sleeve…also, I recently submitted “Love Me Chase Me” to the SXSW 2010 film festival, so I hope it gets in!

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