[out of nothing] Issue 3: Mono no aware

Three Roads to California | Jen Hofer

Three Roads To California | Jen Hofer

The most-recent issue of the electronic publication [out of nothing] features a number of visual, auditory and text-based works by a number of artists, including several CalArts faculty members and alumni.

Editors, and former CalArts classmates, Joe Milazzo (Critical Studies MFA 08), Janice Lee (Critical Studies MFA 08) and Eric Lindley (Critical Studies/Music MFA 08) have selected the theme of “that there were some ah-ness to things” for their third issue. Milazzo notes that the theme was inspired equally by the Japanese aesthetic of mono no aware and the “strange (even unpredictable) reification possible now that the World Wide Web possesses a documented history.”

The contributions touch on things ephemeral, longing and the bittersweet passage of time.

  • In Guilty German, CalArts faculty member Matias Viegener presents a compilation of emails written to his father (in German) during the course of a year. He writes in the introduction “…most of them riddled with apologies and excuses; I write him too briefly and not often enough. I delay calling him, wait too long to answer his questions, and forget to tell him when I’m traveling…I have omitted the greeting and closing of each email to emphasize the invariable nature of each iteration; it might as well all be one letter….”
  • In Three Roads To California: Hand-Sewn Poems Made of Foraged and Donated Materials from Wendover, Utah, artist and CalArts instructor Jen Hofer presents visually compelling text and image from a town in Utah that housed a WWII base that trained bomber pilots, including the crew of the Enola Gay. One of her images is posted above.
  • And in 11 Poems from “intercalaries,” Kevin Varrone, author of g-point almanac: id est, offers readers this verse:


nothing about fragment travels light.

he who travels toward it must press
to its very doorstep. succumb.

that doorstep needs the unmeasurable,
the nothing about


[out of nothing] #3 also features work by CalArts faculty Douglas Kearney (Critical Studies MFA 04), Matthew Timmons (Critical Studies MFA 05); alumni Achraf El-Bahi (Critical Studies MFA 08) and Kyoung Kim (Critical Studies MFA 09); poet Jesse Seldess (editor of the journal Antennae); visual artist Jenny Yurshansky; and sound artists Alfred Brown and Morgan Craft.

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