Spring Dance Concert Tonight and Friday at CalArts

Tonight (Wednesday, May 5) The Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance at CalArts presents the first evening of the annual Spring Dance Concert, featuring choreographic works by BFA-1, BFA-2 and BFA-3 students and faculty works by Colin Connor and Andre Tyson.

Above is a clip from the Spring Dance dress rehearsal–one of nine works on the program. It’s from a piece titled, “Angular Displacement” with choreography by Mersiha Mesihovic (Dance BFA 12) and performances by Lorrin Hilton (Dance BFA 12), Lindsey Lollie (Dance BFA 12), Amanda McNussen (Dance BFA 12), Angelica Olivares (Dance BFA 13) and Chelsea Yarnell (Dance BFA 12).

About the choreographer:

Mersiha Mesihovic graduated from Iwanson Contemporary School of Dance in Munich Germany in 2008, where she had opportunity to show her work on stage for the first time at Kranhallle, a venue for young choreographers. Realizing that choreography is her true passion, Mersiha moved to Los Angeles to attend The Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance at CalArts. Within her first two years, Mersiha has already made several dances. Angular Displacement is her third work to be produced by the School of Dance. Other works by Mersiha have been produced through venues in the schools of music, theater and critical studies.

There will be a second performance of the Spring Dance Concert on Friday. While the concerts have sold out online, there may be rush tickets available starting at 6:30 pm.

Spring Dance Concert
The Sharon Disney Lund Dance Theater at CalArts
Tonight (Wednesday, May 5)
Friday, May 7
8 pm

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