CalArts Annual T-shirt Show Tonight

CalArts T-shirt Show

A shirt design by Christopher Morabito (Art MFA 10).

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The ubiquitous T-shirt gets the CalArts treatment tonight for the 2010 CalArts T-Shirt Show. The annual show, presented by the CalArts AIGA Student Association and the Graphic Design Program, features 55 different T-shirt, tote bag and hoodie designs by the Graphic Design students, faculty and visiting designers.

Jesse Lee Stout, one of the show’s coordinators, says that the proceeds from the sale go to the AIGA/Calarts Graphic Design Student Association, which funds workshops for the Graphic Design program and occasionally subsidizes supplies for designers. “Essentially, it’s a fundraiser for our department,” Stout says. He created the trailer for the show that’s posted below.

The designs are printed on American Apparel garments and are for sale in a variety of colors. Shirts are $12, tote bags are $10, hoodies are $35, and 2009 edition shirts and “overprinted shirts” are $8. We’ve gotten a sneak peek at a number of designs so shoppers may want to bring some cash. (No checks or credit/debit cards are accepted.)

CalArts T-shirt Show
Monday, May 10
7:30 pm-10:30 pm
CalArts cafeteria dining hall

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  1. Lisa Reidland // //

    my daughter is going to Innerspark. Any chance I can purchase a red t-shirt? may I have a contact?
    Lisa Reidland

  2. Kammy // //

    Any chance any of the shirts will be available online?

  3. Christine N. Ziemba // //

    I have a contact for the show. Not sure if the shirts will be available online, tho. Manuel, are you interested in buying one? Or selling? I will forward your emails to my contact.


  4. Jesse Lee Stout // //

    Hi, I’m one of the students running the t-shirt show. Unfortunately, we won’t be selling them online. It’s just too much work to get a student fill online orders and ship. However, we will be selling leftovers at the Graphic Design Show this thursday:
    we will also be selling the final remaining shirts at graduation.

    Thank you everyone for your interest.

  5. Laura // //

    It´s a pity. Please don´t hesitate to contact me next year if there are new t-shirts

  6. lupe // //

    Hi am interested in buying the black shirt. how can I get one?


  7. Lupe // //

    How can I purchase a shirt? I went to school there and lost a calarts shirt I had. live in new york…

  8. Christine N. Ziemba // //

    The t-shirts are only available on campus. If there are leftovers, the students will be selling them at the graphic design end of the year show on May 12th and possibly graduation.