Seoul Cartoon Festival Screens Early Works of CalArtian Animators

With Toy Story 3 still high on the box office charts, two of the film’s creators, John Lasseter (Film/Video BFA 79) and Andrew Stanton (Film/Video BFA 87), along with 17 other CalArtian directors were recently featured at a screening of “world famous director” early shorts at the 14th Annual Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival.  The special screenings took place last week (July 23 and July 25).

We posted Noel Belknap’s (Film/Video BFA 09) short, A Werewolf Film (above), which was part of the CalArts screening contingent.

In addition to the CalArtian works being screened, Maija Burnett, associate director of Character Animation, traveled to Seoul for the festival and conference and served as a jury member for the Short Films- Professional category.

Below is a complete listing of CalArtian animated shorts and directors that were shown.  All of the directors’ films listed above Nelson Boles’ (Film/Video BFA 12) This One Time…, are not available for viewing on Vimeo or YouTube:

Lady and the Lamp John Lasseter
Nitemare John Lasseter
Fun With Father Chris Sanders
Somewhere in the Arctic… Andrew Stanton
Baby Terror Tony Bancroft
Next Door Pete Docter
Whoopass Stew Craig McCracken
9 in a Chimney 10 in a Bed or Hate is a Strong Word J. J. Villard
Home Kim Slate
Zoologic Nicole Mitchell
For Sock’s Sake Carlo Vogele
This One Time… Nelson Boles
Low Oxygen Dylan Forman
Sharing Kris Anka
A Werewolf Film Noel Belknap
Piece of Cake Eliza Ivanova
Bothered Bot Jennifer Harlow
Red Hyunjoo Song
Night Parade Sabrina Cotugno
The Hardest Jigsaw Eric Anderson

Sponsored by the Seoul International Cartoon Festival Organizing Committee and the Seoul government, the festival brings animators from around the world together to discuss trends, technology and celebrate comics and animation.

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