Seen @ CalArts: Audio Destructinators’ Carchestra

Even though school is still out for the summer, current students have access to some of CalArts’ facilities–like the parking lot.

On Monday, a band of mostly Calartian composers and musicians known as the Audio Destructinators performed a concert of new works for car horns. Titled Carchestra, the program consisted of five pieces that were written by members of the collective for specifically-pitched car horns. The group performed to an audience consisting of CSSSA students, CalArts campus security, and other passersby.

“The Audio Destructinators is a collective of L.A.-based composers and performers who aim to bring musical awesomeness to places and situations that might not otherwise see it (and also those that might),” says Alex Sramek (Music MFA 11), the collective’s “chancellor.”

The group performs recent and new works, as well as impromptu, guerilla-style performances in and around L.A. Sramek says to keep your eyes and ears open for future performances around the area.

The video above shows a Carchestra piece composed by Stephanie Cheng Smith (Music MFA 11).

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