HYPERBOLE: origins Examines the Birth of the Universe (and Other Things)


Rogue Artists Ensemble presents HYPERBOLE: origins.

Rogue Artists Ensemble takes on a small challenge in its latest production, HYPERBOLE: origins. The hyper-theatrical show charts—and celebrates—the birth of the universe on stage.

The ensemble mixes myths and science to examine both ancient and modern stories of origin. Using projects, puppets, masks, sound art and indie music, the production follows the journey of a storyteller and his young apprentice. They activate an “origin” machine and view the beginnings of tangibles and intangibles, such as fire, music, sin, and even the chicken and the egg.

A number of CalArts School of Theater alumni are involved in the production at [Inside] the Ford, including cast member Diona Reasonover (Theater MFA 09), scenic designer Logan Wince (Theater MFA 07), lighting designer Ian Garrett (Theater MFA 08), puppet designer Caitlin Lainoff (Theater MFA 08), assistant puppetry designer DanRae Wilson (Theater MFA 10), video designer Dave Mickey (Theater MFA 08), associate video designer Lianne Arnold (Theater MFA 09) and properties designer Sarah Krainin (Theater MFA 08).

This past week, HYPERBOLE: origins earned a “GO” recommendation from the LA Weekly. Here’s a snippet from Deborah Klugman’s review:

Each narrative is presented with wordless mime, elaborated on by a profusion of lighting, sound, videography, puppetry, masks and music. As impressive as these technical elements are, they never outrun the stories themselves, each of which offers a quirky fable about some aspect of the human condition. The superb production values (overseen by tech director Daniel Geesing) include designer Katie Polebaum’s expressive masks, so many of which capture the essence of a singular sentiment or passion, as well as Kerry Hennessy’s imaginative costumes and John Noburi’s indispensably animating audio design. A terrific seven-person ensemble displays amazing versatility in presenting this plethora of parables and yarns.

HYPERBOLE: origins
[Inside] the Ford
2580 Cahuenga Blvd. East, Hollywood
Thursdays to Sundays through Dec. 12
Tickets: $20, full-time students with ID: $12

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