The Open Daybook Launches at LACMA on Sunday

The Open Daybook

'The Open Daybook' launches at LACMA on Sunday.

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CalArts Critical Studies faculty member David P. Earle has compiled and edited The Open Daybook (Mark Batty Publisher/Random House), a new book that combines the simple functionality of a Moleskine notebook with works of some of today’s well-known artists.

The process for developing the book is just as interesting as the final product. During the course of a single year, more than 365 artists either selected a particular day or were assigned a date.

“They had to make the piece of work on that particular day, in 24 hours,” Earle said during a recent interview. “The book then becomes a portrait of a year in artmaking—and a moment in time for each artist.”

Earle started the project by personally reaching out to about 65 or 70 artists he knew, and then those artists connected him to others, essentially becoming curators of the book’s works. Dozens of CalArtians are involved in the project, including Danielle Adair (Art/Critical Studies MFA 07), Megan Broughton (Art BFA 12), Nicholas Grider (Art/Critical Studies BFA 08), Anna Oxygen (Integrated Media/Music MFA 07), John Hogan (Art MFA 06), Teira Johnson (Art MFA 08), Elana Mann (Art MFA 07), Miwa Matreyek (Film/Video MFA 07), Stephen Van Dyck (credited as Stephen Torrential) (Critical Studies/Music MFA 09), Chi-wang Yang (Theater MFA 07) and current faculty members Darcy Huebler, Maureen Selwood and Matias Viegener.

The Open Daybook is a perpetual calendar that can function as a coffee table book, a day planner, a journal or a sketchbook—but when the book’s user jots notes, doodles or makes appointments, each page can become a new collaborative creation.

On Sunday afternoon (Dec. 5) at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, several artists will help Earle launch The Open Daybook with a reception, astrology readings and speed drawing.

The Open Daybook Launch
Art Catalogues at LACMA, Ahmanson Bldg.
Sunday, Dec. 5 from 4-6 pm

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