CalArts Animation Retrospective at Carrefour de l’animation in Paris

The Deadline from Andres Salaff on Vimeo

Forum des Images in Paris holds a yearly conference, Carrefour de l’animation, that brings together the best animation schools in France— including Gobelins, l’école de l’image (Paris), l’Ecole Georges Méliès (Orly) and Lycée Marie Curie (DMA cinéma d’animation, Marseille)—to screen both professional and student films and to discuss issues pertinent to the European animation industry. At each conference, a foreign school is asked to participate, and this year’s invitation was extended to CalArts.

At the Carrefour de l’animation (held Dec. 8-12), Assistant Dean of the School of Film/Video Leo Hobaica Jr., curated a CalArts Retrospective of alumni who have made an impact on culture, and included films by John Lasseter, Pete Docter, Andrew Stanton, Henry Selick, Christine Panushka and Brooke Keesling. He also screened a second program of more recent student works from both Character and Experimental Programs. [Hobaica’s visit to Forum des Images as well as several other speaking engagements at French animation schools last week was supported by the U.S. State Department’s Public Affairs office.]

Joining him at the Forum des Images was artist-animator Miwa Matreyek (Film/Video MFA 07), who did a live animation performance at Carrefour on behalf of CalArts. Hobaica described Matreyek’s work in a recent email: “In my estimation, Miwa is doing some of the most original, compelling and accessible experiments with animation/storytelling/theatrical magic in the culture of contemporary animation. When I proposed her work, not in a digital format, but as a live performance, I felt that it would further distinguish the CalArts presence and add an element that is rarely present at such screenings.

“This can be one more time that the work coming from students at CalArts [in the films and through Matreyek’s performance] will raise the bar in animation.”

We’ve included two videos that were screened in Paris last week: The Deadline (2007) by Student Academy Award Winner Andres Salaff, above, and Deux Regards (2009), an experimental film by Kangmin Kim (BFA 3), below. The full slate of films on both programs follows.

Deux Regards from Kangmin Kim on Vimeo

Carrefour de l’animation: CalArts Retrospective

  • Phases (1978) by Henry Selick, 4 mins.
  • Lady and the Lamp (1979) by John Lasseter, 5:21
  • The Sum of Them (1983) by Christine Panushka, 4
  • Fun With Father (1984) by Chris Sanders, 2:03
  • Voices (1985) by Joanna Priestly, 4:06
  • Somewhere in the Arctic (1987) by Andrew Stanton, 3:51
  • A Birthday (1987) by Brenda Chapman, 4:03
  • Baby Terror (1988) by Tony Bancroft, 3:01
  • Next Door (1990) by Pete Docter, 3:20
  • Whoopass Stew (1992) by Craig McCracken, 3:39
  • Greener (1993) by Mark Osborne, 11:06
  • Extra Crispy (1997) by Mark Walsh, 3:02
  • Dance Mania (1997) by Max Weintraub, 2:36
  • Boobie Girl (2001) by Brooke Keesling, 5:00
  • Son of Satan (2003) by J.J. Villard, 12:30
  • The Possum (2005) by Chris Choy, 5:20
  • The Deadline (2007) by Andres Salaff, 3:12
  • Zoologic (2007) by Nicole Mitchell, 4:41

Carrefour de l’animation: CalArts Recent Experimental and Character Animation Films

  • Prinja Nincess (2010) by David Ochs (BFA 2), 1:56 mins.
  • Madame Babette (2009) by Marcos Cohen (BFA 1), 1:30
  • Dusk (2010) by Eddie Moreno (BFA4), 4:53
  • The Real McCoy (2010) by Eliza Ivanova (BFA 4), 2:28
  • Bothered Bot (2010) by Jennifer Harlow (BFA 3), 3:55
  • Hugbert (2010) by Mallory Dyer (BFA 1), 1:30
  • Deux Regards (2009) by Kangmin Kim (BFA 3), 3
  • StarSweapt (2010) by Vitaliy Strokous (BFA 1), 1:30
  • Eat (2010) by Jeff Liu (BFA3), 4
  • In Which a Werewolf… (2009) by Noel Belknap (BFA4), 2:32
  • Weather Report (2010) by Olivia Taussing (MFA 1), 3:43
  • Value Blind (2009) by Tahnee Ghen (BFA1), 1:30
  • Night Parade (2010) by Sabrina Gotugno (BFA2), 2:30
  • This One Time (2009) by Nelson Boles (BFA1), 1:43
  • Haunted Heart (2009) by Winona Regan (BFA4), 4
  • The H. C (2010) by Glen Williamson (BFA4), 1:41
  • Sasquatch and the Girl (2010) by Trevor Jones (BFA2),  3:44
  • Live performance by Miwa Matreyek, 20 mins.

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