Atta Boy Takes on Domestic and International Terrorism at Wild Project Theater in NYC

'Attaboy' opens at NYC's Wild Project this week.

'Attaboy' opens at NYC's Wild Project this week.

Atta Boy, a play written and directed by CalArts grad Brian Bauman (Theater MFA 06), opens this week at Wild Project performance space in New York City’s East Village.

The storyline follows a middle-aged, Pakistani-American engineer and a teenage outcast who meet at a local hotel for a secret rendezvous, discussing both international and domestic terrorism before bed.

The collage performance incorporates cultural references to the Columbine school massacre and the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Towers using news transcripts, YouTube videos, conservative Christian blogs and other materials. According to producers, “Atta Boy conflates the xenophobia/homophobia in the national responses to these traumatic historical moments, and maps a creepy topography of vulnerable desire.”

Several New York-based CalArtians are also involved in mounting the production, including actor Robb Martinez (Theater MFA 07), lighting designer John Eckert (Theater MFA 06) and choreographer Heidi Carlsen, who graduated in 2005 with an MFA in directing.

Atta Boy
Wild Project
195 East 3rd St., New York
Jan. 13-15 at 8 pm
Tickets are $15.
To reserve your seats, email

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