Media Artist and Filmmaker Max Hattler in Residency at CalArts this Week

Basement Jaxx: Where’s Your Head At (by Max Hattler)

The London- and Berlin-based moving-image artist Max Hattler is in residency at CalArts this week, working with Experimental Animation students from the School of Film/Video. He’s also the guest speaker for tonight’s Structuring Strategies class and screening series in the Bijou Theater.

Although Hattler has had numerous solo exhibitions, and his short, kaleidoscopic films have been screened at film festivals worldwide (including this month the Centre Pompidou in Paris as part of the Hors Pistes 2011), he’s garnering a lot more attention from his audio-visual live performances and collaborations with several British bands, including The Egg and Ladyscraper.

One of the films he’ll be screening at Structuring Strategies tonight is Where’s Your Head At, commissioned by the British house music duo Basement Jaxx (posted above). The film made its premiere on the band’s UK tour in 2009:

During their concerts, the film is shown on a giant 7 x 2 meter LED screen behind the band. The concept is based on the grid structure of the LED display itself. The screen is made up of 60 square LED elements, four rows of 15 elements. Each of the blocks that make up the screen becomes a tile in the overall picture, a pixel in the construction of the visual narrative.

Structuring Strategies with Max Hattler
CalArts Bijou Theater
Tonight (Tuesday, Jan. 25)
7 pm

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