Ink’d: Animation by Cindey Chiang

We saw a link to the video above on CalArts’ Character Animation Program’s Twitter stream yesterday and just had to post here on 24700 as well. The short animation film is titled Ink’d and was created last year by Cindey Chiang, then a third-year BFA student at CalArts. (The original music was also created by fellow student Andy Studer [Music BFA 12]). The film was recently accepted by the NFFTY film festival in Seattle and will screen on April 30.

For more information on all of CalArts film programs, please visit the School of Film/Video.


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  1. Jonathan Keim // //

    I go to Southern Oregon University and am the host of a tv show that airs on local cable. The website provided has some random video clips of the live interviews, but when it is running live it is in a different format. Our live show includes student videos that we find entertaining. I’m a fan of the work created at Cal Arts and would love to air some of the short videos and animations. Please contact me with information regarding students who would like to have their work on local cable here in Ashland Oregon.

    thanks for your time,

    Jonathan Keim