April 2011 Print Magazine Features CalArtian Designers

Print magazine

The cover of the April issue of 'Print' magazine

Print’s “Future” issue features the 20 Under 30—2011’s New Visual Artists (NVA)—who represent the future of design. Among the honorees are CalArts alumni Zak Kyes (Art BFA 05), Kim Dulaney (Art BFA 05) and current second-year MFA candidate Scott Barry.

The magazine’s cover and NVA section were designed by guest art directors from Counterspace studio, Yasmin Khan (Art MFA 05) and CalArts faculty member Michael Worthington (Art MFA 95) with assistance by CalArts student Jesse Lee Stout (Art MFA 11). For presentation, Counterspace decided to break down the 20 artists into five separate, thematic categories.

The London-based Kyes was included in the Self-initiators/Critical Practitioners category because his work is informed by “a mix of traditional (client-based), entrepreneurial (self-publishing, consumer goods) and fine art (residencies, curation, exhibitions) practices.”

Dulaney was part of the Cerebral Image-makers/Deep Depictors category for creating a”lush immersive dream world” in her work, while also demonstrating “formal and conceptual excellence” in design.

Barry’s “intellectual hippy forms” were included with the Formalists Without Borders/Graphic Decathletes, who work across numerous mediums and platforms. From Print: “They are unafraid of new technology but simultaneously embrace anachronisms. A joyful energy and urgency pervades their forms…”

Print is on newsstands now and is also available in CalArts Library.

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