Exit 168: An Offramp to a New CalArts Student Journal

CalArts reviews

Exit 168 launches. | Art by Esther Pearl Watson

CalArts Reviews, a class taught by artist Ellen Birrell, co-founder, publisher and editor of X-TRA, a Contemporary Art Quarterly, introduces students to the examination of language around art. To showcase the art critiques and work developed from the class, students have launched Exit 168, a new art journal and blog.

Exit 168 publishes interviews, critical essays and reviews of art events of note. Pieces from Exit 168 are posted in Tatum lounge, on the web and will culminate in a year-end print publication.

Recent postings include:

  • Corner – Shagha Ariannia by Jenny Lin, a BFA 3 student in the Photography and Media program;
  • Jumana Mana — The Umpire Whispers “Please Play,” double channel video, 22 min, 2010,
    by Malene Dam, an MFA 2 in the Photography and Media program;
  • Catherine Opie — Figure and Landscape, LACMA Fall 2010, by Marco Di Domenico, an MFA 2 in the Writing Program; and
  • An illustrated comic panel by Esther Pearl Watson, an MFA 1 Art student (posted above).

Currently, the editors are seeking student submissions from artists and writers of any métier that “actively and critically engage the artistic experience” as well as designers to help develop the journal’s online presence.  Email them at exit168.eds@gmail.com for more information.

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