On Dance and Social Justice: Choreographer Ananya Chatterjea Lectures at CalArts

Choreographer Ananya Chatterjea, who was named a Guggenheim fellow earlier this month, visits CalArts on Tuesday (April 19) as part of the Aesthetics & Politics Lecture Series. In the program, In Search of Choreographies of Resistance, Chatterjea will discuss the intersection of dance, movement and social justice.

Chatterjea is associate professor and director of Dance at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, as well as artistic director of Ananya Dance Theatre—a dance company of women artists of color. One of her most recently completed works is Kshoy! Decay!, a four-part series on violence against women around the world.

From Chatterjea’s artist statement:

Over the last few years my choreographic trajectory has shifted its course. Earlier, I had focused much of my work to creating dances of protest and resistance. I now seek to connect that struggle to a search for beauty, understood as a powerful philosophical force that can generate well-being and healing in the universe. This has taken me back deep into my own cultural context to understand the ideas surrounding beauty….

The video above is from Twin Cities Public Television on Chatterjea and her work.

Ananya Chatterjea
Aesthetics and Politics Lecture Series
Langley Hall
Tuesday, April 19
7 pm

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