Film Fridays: The Funny Thing About Lois by Amelia Lorenz

The Film Fridays segment appears every Friday and features films and videos from students, faculty and alumni of the six schools at CalArts.

This week’s Film Fridays video comes from character animator Amelia Lorenz (Film/Video BFA 4). The Funny Thing About Lois tells the story of Lois, the loris, whose natural defense mechanism, at first, wins her more enemies than friends.

The music for the film was composed by Iván Caramés Bohigas (Music MFA 2).

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  1. ariana // //

    i thought i would share my thoughts on this short film, inwhich i really enjoyed watching. i thought it was amazing how you could gather information on the LORIS and turn it into a story that would recognize this beautiful creature. The drawings were so adorable and the voices only added on to build character. and one more thing…thank you for making this sweet little film, your film gave me knowledge about the LORIS, a life lesson, and not to give up on what i want to do with my career. this film to me was truely inspiring.