Film Fridays: Arm Wrestling as Art Performance

The Film Fridays segment appears every Friday and features films and videos from students, faculty and alumni of the six schools at CalArts.

The Actual Size Gallery in Los Angeles will host The Hook: Arm Wrestling Championship on Saturday (July 30) from 4-7 pm with music to wrestle by curated by DJ Say (Sayre Gomez [Art MFA 08]). We found the gallery’s promo for the event, and posted it above for our Film Fridays series.

The Hook is one of nearly 40 events scheduled on Saturday as part of the third annual Perform Chinatown festival in Downtown LA.

Dozens of artists will also be showing their work both inside and out of Chinatown galleries, including CalArtians: Christian Cummings (Art BFA 05), Elana Mann (Art MFA 07), Mathew Timmons (Critical Studies MFA 05), Adam Overton (Music MFA 05), CalArts faculty Matias Viegener, Claire Nereim (Art MFA 11), Carl Pomposelli (Art MFA 10), Johanna Reid (Art MFA 13), Miggie Wong (Art BFA 09), Stephen van Dyck (Music/IM MFA 09) and John Burtle (Art BFA 08).

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