Fringe Festival 2011: Leila Ghaznavi’s Broken Wing and Silken Veils

Kaitlin Cornuelle (Theater BFA 13), Matthew Goodrich (Theater MFA 12) and Armando McClain (Theater BFA 13) in 'Broken Wing.' | Photo: Lily Gottlieb

In our final Edinburgh Fringe 2011 installment, we feature two works by award-winning playwright Leila Ghaznavi (Theater MFA 10).

After garnering a nomination for the prestigious Fringe First award at last year’s festival for Silken Veils, Ghaznavi returns to Edinburgh with a remount of the production as well as another work, Broken Wing.  Directed and conceived by Ghaznavi, Broken Wing opened Aug. 5 and ran through Aug. 20.

Broken Wing is a one-hour play that’s set in rural Iran during the Damascus rose harvests. Two men’s best intentions for one woman trigger a series of events that culminate in a stoning.

Ghaznavi notes on

I was driven to create Broken Wing because I wanted to create a piece that looked at the East/West cultural conflict, but not from a position of right and wrong. I wanted to explore how two ways of thinking, both well-intended, can come together in destruction through a lack of understanding. In this piece there are no strict protagonists or antagonists, just a world of good intentions.

Leila Ghaznavi’s work has been featured on BBC World Persia, Andisheh TV, Voice of America and the Leonard Lopate show of New York City’s NPR network.

Both productions have been getting rave reviews:

Broken Wing

Silken Veils

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