Works by CalArts Alumni Featured in Some City Angels

Elana Mann (Art MFA 07). Hineni, from the IBD (Improvised Balloon Device) Series. 2007-11. Edition 1/3. Pigment print on paper. 13x19 inches.

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Starting this Saturday (Sept. 10) and running through Oct. 29, Edward Cella Art + Architecture in Los Angeles will present Some City Angels, a group exhibition that showcases the diversity of art currently produced in LA.

Curated by educator Marlena Doktorczyk-Donohue, the exhibit will highlight new and recent works by CalArts’ alumni Elana Mann (Art MFA 07), Alex Slade (Art MFA 93) and Chris Wilder (Art BFA 88) as well as Deborah Aschheim, Adam Berg, Wilder Buck, Kate Harding and R. Nelson Parrish.

From Edward Cella Art + Architecture:

Sampling a range of materials and methods—from conceptual photography to installation, from oil painting to drawing—Some City Angels culls works made by newly minted grad students, local artists known better in Europe, L.A. mainstays and seasoned mid career artists. … Envisioned to trigger visual and discursive inquiry, the exhibition asks, given our increasingly visible and well-chronicled local history and increasing global profile, where is L.A. art today?

  • Embroid, Embroil; a stitch in time saves what? is a site-specific public installation that Mann originally performed in Valencia after she graduated in 2007. In this latest version of the project, which will run at the gallery through Sept. 30, the artist “stitches the contemporary icon of torture and ‘othering’ into the palm of her hand.”
  • Slade’s series of photographs document his wanderings throughout the US, chronicling locations in the process of transformation, such as schools, housing community centers and distribution centers. “When finished, the work defines a community that represents the latest installment in the story of the American city, a place where corporate capitalism dominates every aspect of the urban fabric.”
  • Wilder has dedicated himself to exploring processes which might transform fantasies into “either coherent forms or cultural mythologies. His field of inquiry ranges from depictions of God to representations of UFOs and deploys a wide-range of media, including ambiguous encounters with an otherworldly kind.”

On Sept. 24, Mann, Slade, Wilder and Aschheim will join Donahue in conversation to discuss their work and its relationship to Los Angeles as a creative center, beginning in the 1940s and continuing through today.

Some City Angels
Edward Cella Art + Architecture
6018 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles
Through Oct. 29

In Conversation: Marlena Donohue with Deborah Aschheim, Elana Mann, Alex Slade and Chris Wilder
Edward Cella Art + Architecture
Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011 at 4 pm

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