Filmmaker David Nordstrom Screens Sawdust City at CalArts Tuesday Night

The micro-budget film screens at the Structuring Strategies series.

The Structuring Strategies film class and screening series welcomes writer-director David Nordstrom (Film/Video MFA 05) to the Bijou Theater tomorrow (Sept. 20) at 7 pm. Nordstrom presents his small-town family drama, Sawdust City (USA, 2010, 97 min.).

Among the featured CalArtian films at this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival, film critic Neil Young heaped high praise for the film:

A booze-soaked brothers-in-arms picaresque that propels the viewer around a Wisconsin town’s more unpretentious watering-holes, micro-budgeter Sawdust City is more than just a fine example of genuinely independent 21st-century US cinema. It also feels rather like a kind of instant, small-scale American classic – one of the nation’s most accomplished and impressive debuts of the last few years, suggesting that writer/director/editor/co-star David Nordstrom can lay claim to being the John Cassavetes of his generation.

Watch the Sawdust City trailer below:

Structuring Strategies: David Nordstrom’s ‘Sawdust City’
CalArts Bijou Theater
Tuesday, Sept. 20
7 pm

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