Machine Projector at Machine Project

Kevin Blechdom’s multitrack a cappella of Whitney Houston’s 1987 hit, So Emotional.

On Friday (Sept. 23), CalArtians perform at Machine Project in Los Angeles for an evening of audio/visual performances in a program titled, Machine Projector.

Curated by Paul Fraser (Music MFA 11), a 24700 contributor, the concert features the works of Daniel Eaton (Music MFA 11), Justin Asher (Music MFA 12), Kevin Blechdom (aka current CalArts DMA student Kristin Erickson) and Fraser.

Descriptions of the composers’ works:

  • Daniel Eaton: Miniature Caverns of the Face
    An exploration of amplified, minute sounds produced by the double bass, performed by Jake Rosenzweig (Music MFA 11), and small objects processed through four audio channels. The music is accompanied by video that explores gestures of the face.
  • Justin Asher: People With the Playback Device
    Asher presents a live accompaniment with performer Maryclare Brzytwa (Music MFA 12) to Vertov’s silent film Man With a Movie Camera. Creating sonically what the film achieves visually, he produces a new language by using recording technology that abandons the old language of theater and concert.
  • Paul Fraser: Still Breathes
    A spiraling, sprawling video work for contrabass clarinet (Alex Sramek [Music MFA 11]), guitar feedback (Max Gualtieri [Music BFA 11]) and muted trumpet (Fraser).
  • Kevin Blechdom (aka Kristin Erickson): MAN SMASH
    Blechdom makes psycho computer music theater and will perform live to a new music video called MAN SMASH, starring Corey Fogel (Music MFA 04).

Machine Project, a loose collective of Los Angeles-based artists with a performance space housed in a storefront of the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, was founded by CalArts alumnus Mark Allen (Art MFA 99).

Below is Eaton’s piece for live manipulated video, Music for Falling:

Machine Projector
at Machine Project
1200-D N. Alvarado St., Los Angeles

Sept. 23 at 8pm

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