Video: John Baldessari on CalArts’ Impact on the Early LA Art Scene

CalArts 1983

From the archives: An intermedia performance at CalArts in 1983

On Oct. 4, the Hammer Museum in Westwood welcomed LA-based artist and former CalArts faculty member John Baldessari in conversation with Los Angeles Times art critic Christopher Knight.

At one point in the program, Knight asked Baldessari what the biggest change was in the Los Angeles art scene during the past 50 years, to which Baldessari answered:

I think the big change was the impact of CalArts—bringing in other ways and artists from other countries and other cities. And then students from CalArts staying here and going to teach..and then their students and so on…

Baldessari also talked about a tipping point in LA’s history where students and artists stopped the almost-expected move to New York City to establish their art careers, giving local galleries and museums access to quality work by West Coast-based artists.

We posted the entire video segment below. Watch the clip on the Los Angeles Times site if you can’t see the video prompt.

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