Heavenly Directives Explores Earthly and Psychic Frontiers

Washes by Norbert Shieh

A still from 'Washes' by Norbert Shieh | Image: norbertshieh.com

A number of CalArts alumni screen works this Sunday (Oct. 23) as part of the Heavenly Directives film and video program at Concord, the newly launched performing and visual arts space in Los Angeles.

Curated by independent programmer Adam R. Levine (MFA Film/Video 11), the show includes four filmmakers: Peter Bo Rappmund, Matt Reed, Naoko Tasaka and Norbert Shieh (all recent CalArts’ graduates), whose works were inspired by the “cultural and phenomenological peculiarities of the Southern California region.”

From Levine’s curator’s notes:

The artists in this program draw on the celestial currents of the Southland to create works where both earthly and psychic frontiers reach their outer limits. This is Hollywood’s hidden reverse, where chance encounters with the sublime are inevitable, whether they are found in mountain ranges, roiling Pacific currents or the microscopic gaps in our own consciousness.

Rappmund, whose CalArts thesis film Psychohydrography screened at MoMA last year, will debut his latest film Vulgar Fractions.

Also on the program:

Concord Presents: Heavenly Directives
1010 N.  San Fernando Road, Los Angeles
Sunday, Oct. 23 at 8 pm

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