CalArtians Release Next Generation iPhone Metronome App

CalArts alumni Mark Reveley (Music MFA 01) and Mike Dillon (Music BFA 01) recently partnered to launch Zero Brainz, a music technology company that specializes in progressive music-creation software. On Oct. 20, the duo just released their first application, Cycles, a next generation metronome for the iPhone.

Originally developed in the 19th century, a metronome produces regular, metrical beats, which musicians use as a tool when practicing rhythms. Fast-forward 200 years and now old-school, wooden metronomes are being replaced by apps like Cycles for mobile devices.

Reveley says that their iPhone metronome app, which lists on iTunes for $1.99,  is the first to employ “a straightforward and uncluttered interface while allowing for highly advanced control over rhythmic phrasing.”

More about the app from Zero Brainz:

Cycles [has] … a simple, clean, stylish design which offers previously unavailable features, such as randomized muting/subtraction of subdivisions and accent/mute programmability throughout a measure. Cycles also incorporates into its design the most intuitive and comprehensive arrangement section found in an iPhone metronome yet.

The video above illustrates a walkthrough of the Cycles metronome.

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