Flash Animation Class Shows Off Final Projects

February’ made by Brittany McCarthy (Film/Video BFA 3) and Melissa van der Paardt (Film/Video BFA 3)

This past fall, CalArts animation faculty member Maija Burnett taught a class devoted to animation created using the multimedia program Flash. For their end-of-semester projects, students paired up to create short animated Flash webisodes. Although this was a Critical Studies class open to all at the Institute, the majority of the students were from the Character Animation program, but also included students from Experimental Animation and The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts’ Music Technology programs.

Mint Green’ made by Eusong Lee (Film/Video BFA 3) and Youngmin Joo (Music BFA 3)

The two sections of the class were required to integrate separate themes into their animation—one section used the months of the year as inspiration, and the others were tasked with using various colors to influence their webisodes:

Months of the Year Group

Color Group

To see all of the films, visit the course’s tumblr page.

Tickle Me Pink’ made by Katelyn Gannon (Film/Video BFA 3) and Tom Law (Film/Video BFA 3)

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  1. Tirza // //

    Cool!!! 😀 simple but interesting 😀 did you make it with Flash only? or did you guys use any other methods in making those cool animation? 😀

  2. Maija Burnett // //

    @Tirza: the students animated their webisodes using only Flash. But, several of them used After Effects afterwards, to add more texture and light. Thanks for watching!