Guest Artist Rachel Rosenthal Presents My Brazil at CalArts

Video: A compilation of some of Rachel Rosenthal’s performances

Legendary interdisciplinary artist and performer Rachel Rosenthal visits CalArts for a special performance of My Brazil tonight (Jan. 18) at 7 pm.

Working in collaboration with electronic percussionist and CalArts faculty member Amy Knoles, Rosenthal updates a work that was originally performed in 1979, about her coming-of-age as a French refugee in Brazil during WWII.

The latter version of My Brazil recently premiered (on her 85th birthday) during a Pacific Standard Time event in November.

Rosenthal is known for developing a performance technique that integrates “text, movement, voice, choreography, improvisation, inventive costuming, dramatic lighting and wildly imaginative sets into an unforgettable ‘total theater’ experience.” She was also a leading figure in the LA Women’s Art Movement in the 1970s, co-founding WomanSpace, among other projects.

A Q&A with Rosenthal and Knoles follows tonight’s performance.

Rachel Rosenthal’s My Brazil
Walt Disney Modular Theater
7 pm

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