Korean Artists In Residency at CalArts

Students from Hongik University in Korea participate in a CalArts course titled 'Techniques and Design in Motion Graphics.' | Photo: Scott Groller

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Earlier this month, 20 upper-level undergraduate students from Hongik University, a prestigious visual/design university in Seoul, South Korea, arrived in California for the first Intensive Winter Program at CalArts.  Coordinated by CalArts Graphic Design Program Co-Director Michael Worthington and Lisa Barr, Project Manager of the Office of International Relations, the selected students met rigorous requirements to participate in the intensive, during a four-week period (Jan. 2-27) between the Fall and Spring semesters.

The workshop, Techniques and Design in Motion Graphics, uses the music video format as a platform to explore a variety of concepts and techniques for motion graphics in broadcasting and cinema. In addition to Worthington, three faculty members from the industry—Daryn Wakasa, Chris Lopez and Taekyu Kim—are team-teaching the students, with four CalArts students serving as teaching assistants.

Upon completion of the program, the participating students receive three credits from CalArts, transferable to Hongik. Also included in the program are field trips to Prologue, Stardust and Brand New School motion graphics studios in Santa Monica, as well as Rhythm & Hues, DreamWorks Animation and Disney Animation. The intensive culminates in a screening of work created at CalArts in the Bijou Theater on Jan. 27 at 8 pm.

CalArts’ ongoing relationship with Hongik has strengthened within recent years. “More Hongik alumni are accepted to CalArts’ MFA programs than any other Korean university,” says Carol Kim, vice president for International Relations at CalArts. In addition, one of Hongik’s graphic design faculty members and former chair, Don Ryun Chang, is an MFA alumnus of CalArts (Art 83).

Next week, 24700 will showcase the work the Hongik students produced at CalArts.

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