Alumnus Minkyu Lee Wins Annie Award for Best Animated Short

The International Animated Film Society’s 39th Annual Annie Awards—the highest awards ceremony in the animation industry—was held last Saturday (Feb. 4) at Royce Hall at UCLA in Los Angeles. Animator and CalArts alumnus Minkyu Lee’s (Film/Video MFA 11, Film/Video BFA 09) film, Adam & Dog, won the Annie Award for Best Animated Short Subject.

Lee’s film was selected among a notable field that included:

  • I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat – Warner Bros. Animation;
  • La Luna – Pixar Animation Studios;
  • (Notes on) Biology – Ornana Films;
  • Paths of Hate – Platige Image;
  • Sunday – National Film Board of Canada;
  • The Ballad of Nessie –Walt Disney Animation Studios;
  • The Girl and the Fox – Base14; and
  • Wild Life – National Film Board of Canada.

Lee, who previously worked on Disney’s Princess and the Frog, sent Cartoon Brew the trailer above last month with this note:

This is a short film that me and a group of my close friends made. It was put together by artists who work at various studios, including Disney Feature, Dreamworks and Pixar. The animation is done by myself, Jennifer Hager, James Baxter, Mario Furmanczyk, Austin Madison and Matt Williames. Glen Keane also helped by being a consultant on the film, and also by doing some visual development. It is a completely independent film without any major studio involvement. We are really excited for people to see it…

The short film has yet to be released.

View the full list of Annie Award winners.

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