Video: Lighting Design Students Produce “Rejected Commercials” For Contest

Update: On Friday, March 30, ETC announced the winners of its student-video challenge. CalArts’ students placed third, among more than 70 schools, winning the CalArts School of Theater’s Lighting Design Program a new ETC lighting-control console.

Congratulations to the students and faculty involved!

Students from the School of Theater’s Lighting Design program have entered a video competition hosted by ETC, a worldwide manufacturer of theatrical lighting equipment. The contest to create videos promoting the company’s products gives students from various schools the opportunity to win a high-end lighting console.

The CalArts students’ humorous submission parodying well-known commercials illustrates their commitment to their craft–and at times, their geekiness.

To help them win, show your support by voting for their video: 

  • Votes can be cast by “liking” the video (via Facebook) on their contest page.
  • Voting for the contest ends on Friday, March 23.

Above is their contest submission, which was produced by the following students:

Zach Moore, Jonathan Lebovic, Dan Norman, Rocky Garcia-Flores (Sound Designer), Ryan Bona, Daphne Mir, Grant Dunn, Adam Frank, Nathan Files, Nick Diaz, Ana Martin, Warren St. George (Actor), Sallie Goforth (Stage Manager), Kaitlin Cornuelle (Actor), Maura Reinhart, Marissa Galin (Technical Director), Jenny Curtis (Actor), Shelly Rodrigues, Lauren Tietz, Brian Tran, AJ Munie

Anne Militello, Lap Chi-Chu

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