Alumna Robin Myrick’s Photography Featured in Dallas Galleries

Robin Myrick

Robin Myrick's photography as part of the 'Flex-Us' series at Ro2 Art in Dallas | Photo: Willie Beronet

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This month, the photography of CalArts MFA Writing Program graduate Robin Myrick (Critical Studies MFA 08) has been featured in two group shows at the Steve Paul Gallery and the Ro2 Art Gallery, both in Dallas.

Myrick, who’s currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Aesthetic Studies at the University of Texas at Dallas, showcased her photo series The Conversation in the just-closed Steve Paul Gallery’s photographic/video installation, A Fraudulent Desire to Exist.

Her selected photos explore the mediation and discourse of portraiture,” and fit within her larger body of work that concerns the rhetoric and convergence of identity, politics, consumerism, performance and disaster.

The photo series has since moved to the R02 Art Gallery and will be on view through this weekend (March 18). It’s part of the exhibit, Flex-Us, a play on the Fluxus art movement of the 1960s. This exhibition also features artists from Myrick’s new art collective, In Cooperation With Muscle Nation.

More about Flex-Us from the Ro2 Art website:

In the 1960s, we had Fluxus. Minimal performances highlighting the connections between everyday objects and art. Following their predecessors, the collective artists of In Coordination With Muscle Nation want to bring back that attitude to see what happens when different media intersect. With clenched teeth, they flex their art.

For more on the In Cooperation With Muscle Nation, visit their Facebook page.

Ro2 Art Gallery
110 N Akard St, Dallas
Through March 18 

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    Very interesting exhibit. Amazing how creative you can get with photography. Would love to see the exhibit.