In the Spotlight: Experimental Animation at Showcase 2012

Screenshot from: 'A Little Bottle of Tears' by Jess Inglehart

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On Thursday (May 3) at REDCAT, CalArts Experimental BFA and MFA animators present 17 films as part of Showcase 2012—the year-end screenings from the School of Film/Video.

We’ve posted the films’ trailers, when available:

Pummel Nankeen by Ismael Sanz-Pena (Film/Video MFA 11), 4:45: A collection of scenes taken or created within the narrative line of Dostoyevsky’s short story The Christmas Tree and a Wedding. The film suggests themes of social class, childhood and human interactions.

Bermuda by Calvin Frederick (Film/Video BFA 4), 4.02: A beef thief gets some ham lip and is hampered by the doo.

A Little Bottle of Tears by Jess Iglehart (Film/Video BFA 2), 4.16: A simple tale animated in Art Deco collage exploring the journey of our tears and the mysterious woman that collects them.

Possession by Rose Brauner (Film/Video MFA 2), 3:45: In an attempt to get out of the rain, a man finds himself in a curious shop with an even more curious owner.

The Pirate of Love by Sara Gunnarsdottir (Film/Video MFA 3), 10:00: A story about doomed love, vanished man and loneliness.

Grace by Dav Heim (Film/Video MFA 09)4:04: A cat. A girl. Can their mother love them both? A contest of wills and childhood subterfuge smolders as Grace tries to conceal a broken cup.

The War Profiteers by Benjamin Markus (Film/Video MFA 1), 6:33: In a war torn city, a totalitarian dictator is holed up inside a seedy bordello where he and his henchmen engage in sordid acts of limbo-like repetition. When an unknown force enters the room, peace is restored, if only for an instant.

The Jennings Account by Sean Buckelew (Film/Video MFA 1), 1:15: Clad in the finest, the grass crisp. Badminton is ordinarily played inside due to wind. 10% of men age 40-60 have an age-related midlife crisis.  Putting your Roth account in good hands can yield high returns.

The Corporate Eggspert by Melissa Piekaar (Film/Video MFA 3), 8:33: The office vegetables of Peeler, Inc. await the arrival of Edgar MacQuitty, the Corporate Eggspert. But is he all that he’s cracked up to be?

The Gossip Collector by Mina Park (Film/Video MFA 1), 4:54: A woman collects garbage as a way to dig deeper into others’ personal stories.

Hole in the World by George Metaxas (Film/Video MFA 3), 3:26: The end of the world has elapsed and few humans remain. A group of survivors in Sydney, Australia, gather for a jam session in the ruins of the world, where creativity is looming in the shadows.

196 Crayons by Sean Solomon (Film/Video BFA 2), :22: A music video for Oakland punks, No Babies. A hand drawn film colored with crayons.

Triangle by Grace Rhee (Film/Video MFA 2), 6:07: What would you do if a stranger disrupted your daily routine? The choice is whether to accept this person as a friend or reject him as an outsider.

convoluted space graffiti by Ivy Flores (Film/Video MFA 2), 2:17: A CG animated film that utilizes several moments of a dancer’s performance creating 3D temporal kinetic sculptures in this music visualization.

 Juanita Who is Loved by Joanna Leitch (Film/Video MFA 3), 5:24: This piece explores the past tense as the sole context in which we experience others, our environment and ourselves. This film was made for my grandmother.

A Catechism of Familiar Things by Gina Marie Napolitan (Film/Video MFA 3), 8:05: A survey of the visual history of Brockton, Massachusetts, and a fractured reconstruction of one of its most infamous murder cases: the 1946 “Christmas Tree Slaying.”

Limitations by Jeanette Bonds (Film/Video MFA 1), 2:40: A 15 ft. film loop of animated scratch film, shot not frame-by-frame but in increments, one millimeter at a time. Using only this 15 ft. loop, the animator has created a longer piece, subject to certain rules; the two key rules being that the loop can only be presented in a rectangular format; and that the loops, when in motion, cannot touch.

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