In the Spotlight: Program in Film and Video at Showcase 2012

Showcase 2012 presents student films from CalArts’ Program in Film and Video on Saturday (May 5) at REDCAT.

The 17 films by both graduate and undergraduate filmmakers represent a wide spectrum of personal work, from abstract films to political or personal documentaries, from dramatic narratives to emerging film techniques inspired by new technology.

We’ve listed the program below:

  • The Next Step Is by Victoria Sendra (Film/Video BFA 4), 5:25: A study of time and space.
  • Dissecting Visual Sound in the Act of Conversation by Chloé Miller (Film/Video BFA 2), 2:40: A dissection of visual sound in the act of conversation and all things left unsaid.
  • Diary of Reflection by Penda Diakite (Film/Video BFA 2), 3:12: This is a visual reflection of how I see women portrayed in popular culture, my feelings on it, and my experiences with it as an African-American female.
  • Power by Haaris Baig (Film/Video MFA 3), 1:55: This film observes the flux created between inherent and added resources in a landscape. Images collide as power shifts from delivery to extraction, mirroring this real-world phenomenon.
  • Istanbul by Yalda Afsah, 8:23: Within this film, I’m examining structure, texture, scale and rhythm. The camera is static, the framing is minimal. The movement in the image is caused by the wind and the sparks of the worker’s tools that allow the viewer to see behind the veil.
  • Maurice by Patrick Kack-Brice (Film/Video BFA 11), 18:48: In 1975, the French Government issued the “X” classification for pornographic movies. Cinemas playing these types of films were declared ineligible for state financial support and subject to a 33% revenue tax. In 2012, only one of these establishments still exists: “Le Beverley,” the last porn cinema in Paris. (Trailer, above.)
  • Untitled by Jackson McCoy (Film/Video MFA 1), 8:00: A comparison of real and imaginary violence.
  • Assumptions of Your Phantom(sy) by Karissa Hahn (Film/Video BFA 2), 1:49: The glorious nature of a phantom-like entity, in the midst of vulnerability.
  • A Life’s Work by Adam Levine (Film/Video BFA 11), 17:30: D.J. Blanton is a retired power company worker living in rural Indiana. In the 15 years since leaving the job he hated, D.J. has thrown himself into his practice as a blacksmith, building thousands of pieces in his home shop.
  • Down on the Ground by Mike Stoltz (Film/Video MFA 1), 1:00: Down on the ground everything is out of reach.
  • Carson Refinery by Daichi Amano (Film/Video BFA 4), 9:44: A visual collage of a BP oil refinery located in Carson, near Los Angeles.
  • The Thing by Rhys Ernst (Film/Video MFA 11),15:00: A woman, a transgender man, and their cat travel towards a mysterious roadside attraction called “The Thing.” (Trailer, below.)
  • 1 Second Films: The Century Collection by Spencer Holden (Film/Video BFA 3), 4:50: A series of one second films, a burst of singularities.
  • Imaginary Order by Jonathan Mahoney (Film/Video BFA 4), 4:33: [The title is the description.]
  • Portrait of Inez by Nora Sweeney (Film/Video MFA 1), 1:00: Inez McWright is an 89-year-old resident of Val Verde who still works in her garden every day. In this film, she muses about aging and what keeps her going in life.
  • Apanhar Laranjas/Picking Oranges by Sílvia Das Fadas, 1:00: I have told them I would pick oranges in California after having seen The Grapes of Wrath at the Cinematheque. (Missing credit: Tom Joad by Woody Guthrie, Arr. by The Americans.)
  • Rocks and Bones, Cats and Knick-Knacks by Ruthie Doyle (Film/Video MFA 2), 11:00: An impressionistic documentary about the life surrounding the lives of my grandmothers on both sides of my family.
  • I Dream a Past I Can Barely Remember by Zhou Zhicai Zack (Film/Video BFA 4), 4:20
  • Some Unseen Lights by Andrew Kim (Film/Video MFA 2), 4:30: Remember a time when you had only your eyes to see? Were things in sharper focus? Does seeing everything through a lens improve your vision? Or, is it the other way around? I do not have answers for these questions.
  • Chroma by Melisande Schendel, 7:00: Using Kodachrome footage shot by my grandfather during my mother’s childhood, this film explores nostalgia through a world of color and distortion.

CalArts School of Film/Video Showcase 2012 
Program in Film and Video
REDCAT 631 W. 2nd St., Los Angeles
Saturday, May 5 at 7 pm

Call the REDCAT box office at 213.237.2800 to make reservations.

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