Graphic Design Students Present End-of-Year Shows

Just one of the many highlights of CalArts’ spring semester is the Graphic Design program’s year-end exhibitions for BFA, MFA and Motion Graphics students.

If __, then  __, which opens at 8 pm tonight (May 10) in the D301 gallery, features the work of 63 undergraduate designers. The show’s title refers to the decision-making processes—and the questions asked—that artists undertake when creating new designs. From the BFA website:

Our answers would differ, and our solutions would vary, but all would be valid means to an end or even a new beginning. The show expresses this running conversation in various forms of interaction, such as a reading room of our self-created books and zines, collage walls for your creative disposal, and other ways to possibly ask yourself your own “If____, then____.”

The 23 MFA graphic designers are also presenting works in point at it, located in the adjacent D300 gallery. From the MFA website:

Our work highlights our intentions, draws a circle around them. It points. To point is to signify in the most universal, most simplified language. I motion away from myself with my finger—this act is the original logo, the archetypal symbol for elsewhere, a movement which represents another constellation of forces just ahead.

The Motion Show—MOSHOW 2012—immediately follows the gallery openings at 10 pm in the Bijou Theater and celebrates the year’s motion graphics pieces. Past shows have re-enacted famous movie scenes, portrayed monsters, zombies, occultist and aliens. From the MOSHOW website:

This time around we are going back to our roots and we are just going to be ourselves. As designers, we can all agree that we are all very fascinating and dynamic individuals with vast layers of character. It is in these layers where one can find the captivating aspects of an individual’s personality, similar to how one would find various levels of interesting content in a poster, a book or in the MOSHOW’s case, a motion graphic piece. In a way we are the work and the work is us. The work acquires its life from the designer through their thoughts and their spirit. The thoughts and spirit of the designer are what make the work even more significant and lasting. This is the essence of this year’s show, a show made by us for us & about us.

The School of Art advises that attendees arrive to the MOSHOW early since Bijou seats are limited. Watch videos from previous year’s Motion Shows here.

In addition to the exhibitions, posters from the newly launched REDCAT Poster site will be on sale. Proceeds will benefit the CalArts Poster Archives.

If ___, then __
D301, CalArts
May 10-17
Opening: May 10, 8 pm

point at it
D300, CalArts
May 10-17
Opening: May 10, 8 pm

Bijou Auditorium, CalArts
May 10, 10 pm
Free, space is limited 

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