Annecy International Animation Festival Celebrates CalArts Work with Retrospectives

Ethan Clarke’s (Film/Video MFA 12) thesis film is featured at Annecy.

The Annecy International Animation Festival kicks off in Annecy, France, next week with special programming dedicated to CalArts films and filmmakers.

Annecy—the largest, most distinguished animation festival, established in 1960—celebrates more than 40 years of CalArts work in two series, marking the Institute’s first significant presence at the festival.

Curated by CalArts students with faculty member and Platform Festival Director Irene Kotlarz, the two retrospectives feature 16 student works, eight from Character Animation and eight from Experimental Animation programs, as well as four faculty works in Program 1 (June 4 at 2 pm and June 9 at 10:30 am) and Program 2 (June 5 at 6 pm and June 6 at 4 pm).

The screenings include a variety of animation styles spanning decades of CalArts student work, including animation greats John Lasseter (Film/Video BFA 79), Steve Hillenburg (Film/Video MFA 92), Eric Darnell (Film/Video MFA 90) and Craig McCracken (Film/Video 92); rarely seen experimental pieces by Adam Beckett (BFA Film/Video 73) and Christine Panushka (Film/Video MFA 83); and newer works and world premieres of several thesis projects from both animation programs.

McCracken thanked the students who curated his piece: “Thank you …, for including Whoopass Stew in the screening. My time at CalArts was life changing and I’m honored to be included in the retrospective.”

His film, which was the precursor to Powerpuff Girls television series, began as a CalArts film and will be screened on Program 2. The film is posted below:

CalArts: A 40-Year Evolution
Annecy International Animation Festival
Program 1:
June 4, 2 pm, Bonlieu – Petite salle
June 9, 10:30 am, Salle Pierre Lamy
Program 2:
June 5, 6 pm, Salle Pierre Lamy
June 6, 4 pm, Bonlieu – Petite salle
Ticket information 

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