Preview: 2012 MFA Art Exhibition Opens in Los Angeles

Robbie Nock. 'untitled' (detail). neodymium magnets, compasses. 2012

Robbie Nock's 'untitled' (detail). neodymium magnets, compasses. 2012

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Tonight (June 1), CalArts School of Art’s MFA class of 2012 celebrates its latest works with the annual MFA Exhibition, this year held at the LA Mart in Downtown Los Angeles.

The showcase includes works by 35 graduates from the programs in Art, Photography & Media, and Art & Technology: Shagha Ariannia, Daniel Axe, Larissa Brantner James, Johanna Breiding, James Brush, Krista Buecking, Akina Cox, Malene Dam, Danielle Dean, Gracie DeVito, Sean C. Flaherty, Patrick Flood, Andrea Franco, David Gutierrez, Anitra Haendel, Mary Hill, Guiyoung Hwang, Joshua Logan, Alexander Meadows, Robbie Nock, Joni Noe, Tyler Matthew Oyer, Sarah Petersen, Mary Rasmussen, Kari Reardon, Christopher Reynolds, Nick Rodrigues, Daney Saylor, Rowan Smith, Jonathan Takahashi, Benjamin Tong, Liz Toonkel, Ariane Vielmetter, Esther Pearl Watson and Joseph Zorrilla.

The event is made possible by Art Platform, Los Angeles and ARTRA Curatoria. The exhibition runs through June 23, with a closing reception scheduled from 6-10 pm that evening. The 2012 show’s print catalog will be available at the closing reception.

Above is a photo gallery previewing one work from each graduate. To see additional student works, visit the exhibition website.

School of Art MFA Exhibition 2012
LA Mart
1933 S. Broadway, Los Angeles
Exhibition: Monday-Saturday until June 23, 12-5 pm
Opening reception: June 1, 6-10 pm

Closing reception: June 23, 6-10 pm
Validated parking will be available during the opening and closing receptions.

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