Alumnus Peter Bo Rappmund ex·pose Opens at Laguna Art Museum

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On Sunday (June 10), Laguna Art Museum inaugurated its contemporary art program ex·pose with the first solo exhibition of work by CalArtian artist Peter Bo Rappmund (Film/Video MFA 10). The show, featuring several photographs and three films illustrating his unique style, runs through Oct. 7 .

Showcasing Bo Rappmund’s meticulous working process of recording natural and rhythmic changes in varying landscapes, the museum will screen Psychohydrography (2010, HD, color, sound, 60 minutes), Vulgar Fractions (2011, HD, color, sound, 30 minutes) and the world premiere of Tectonics (2012, HD, color, sound, 60 minutes).

From the Laguna Art Museum:
His [Bo Rappmund’s] process records the natural changes in the landscape, covering much geographical ground—from the flow of water from the Sierra Mountains to the Pacific Ocean in Psychohydrography, to the erratic border between the United States and Mexico in Tectonics. Bo Rappmund creates sporadic rhythms and time-lapse sequences, producing a visually uncanny sensation from even the most banal landscapes.

“This exhibition gives me a unique chance to show how my work has developed in the past, and where it’s headed,” says Bo Rappmund. “This will also be an opportunity to see the interplay between my pieces, something I feel will enrich and imbue both the photos and video work with new meaning.”

Curated by Grace Kook-Anderson, ex·pose features rotating exhibitions focusing on one emerging or mid-career artist at a time, aiming to present a diverse range of artists working in all mediums and rooted in a conceptual foundation.

CalArts alumna and artist Allison Schulnik (Film/Video BFA 00) will have an ex·pose exhibition at the Laguna Art Museum in Spring 2013.

The video above is a preview of Bo Rappmund’s new film, Techtonics.

ex·pose: Peter Bo Rappmund
Laguna Art Museum
Monday-Tuesday, Friday-Sunday, 11 am-5 pm
Thursday, 11 am-9 pm
Closed Wednesday
Admission: $7 General, $5 Students and Seniors, Free for children under 12, active military and museum members

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