Video: Digital Arts and Technology Expo at CalArts

Last month, The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts’ Music Technology program hosted a Digital Arts and Technology Expo. Students and faculty members presented new projects integrating cutting-edge engineering and computer science with their visual and performing arts work.

The video above features highlights from the expo.

The National Science Foundation recently announced that it has awarded CalArts a grant of $111,881 to develop a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) curriculum for undergraduate students across the Institute’s arts disciplines. Spearheaded by Associate Dean of Research and Development in Digital Arts and Director of the Music Technology Program Ajay Kapur, the two-semester curriculum begins this fall and is designed to teach essential computer science skills to beginners. Classes are open to students enrolled in all of CalArts’ six schools and include topics ranging from custom software design, circuit design for human-computer interfacing to the use of robotic mechanical systems and artificial intelligence in musical and artistic work.

The video below demos a variety of student-designed digital audio interfaces created in Kapur’s year-long Interface Design class, where students learn to design, build and program their own digital interfaces and then learn to perform with them.

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