Video: An Animated History of Machines

The animated short aboveMachine History, was made at CalArts in 1983 by Doug Miller (Film/Video MFA 82) in a class taught by Jules Engel, the late founding director of the Experimental Animation Program. The film covers many highlights of the history of machines until “…2000..?”

From Miller’s YouTube description:

[At the time] I had just seen a constructivism art show at the Los Angles Museum of Art on Wilshire Boulevard, so the whole film is made in metamorphosing neo-constructivist shapes (art student lingo). For a while this was being distributed by Pyramid Films in Santa Monica as an educational film.

The fast-paced short also features sound design by Dane Davis (Film/Video BFA 81), who went on to design sound for many feature films, including the Matrix and Twilight trilogies.

Following graduation from CalArts, Miller worked on numerous commercial and Disneyland projects, as seen on his YouTube channel.

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