Video from the Fringe: Aleshea Harris in ‘Oddlie’

Aleshea Harris, an MFA student in CalArts’ Writing for Performance program, is also a poet, singer-songwriter and actress. She’s currently in Edinburgh for the Festival Fringe with her one-woman show Oddlie—one of several CalArts’ productions being mounted at Venue 13.

She describes the work in a recent interview with the Articulate arts blog:

Oddlie is an unfortunate young woman who is ignored by everyone and leads a pretty miserable existence. Everything changes the first time she hears the brash and unapologetic Rope Haired Man, a spoken word poet. His bold assertion that he is “nobody’s gutta” sets Oddlie afire in pursuit of poetry. Oddlie then encounters Sasha, a former poet starlet whose right arm holds an invisible thing, whose body is bent with disease and whose spunk guides Oddlie from Here to There. But Oddlie’s most important encounter is the one with herself, the truth of where she’s been and where she hopes to go.

We’ve posted an excerpt from Harris’ show (above), which runs through Aug. 18 at the Festival.

Video: Courtesy of Gingenious Films

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