Alumna Curates With a Name Like Yours… Exhibit at UC Irvine

Ronda Zheng / Ricarda Denzer / Isa Rosenberger, ‘Recently at Mrs. Novak’s,’ 1995, videostill.

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On Thursday (Oct. 4) curator Claudia Slanar (Critical Studies MA 10, MFA 11) presents a new exhibition, With a Name Like Yours, You Might Be Any Shape, at the Contemporary Art Center (CAC) Gallery at University of California, Irvine. Co-curated with Georgia Holz, the show features artworks and writings by international artists dealing with the art of nomenclature. The exhibition runs through Dec. 1, with an opening reception on Thursday night from 6-9 pm.

More about the exhibition from the curators:

Names are inextricably linked to one’s identity, functioning as “symbolic forms.” A proper name is a “designator of reality,” as [French philosopher] Jean-François Lyotard has put it, which grounds a subject within the Cartesian laws of the world. What if this referent is altered, changed or twisted? Will it leave a particular subject uprooted, its identity deconstructed?

Among the artists featured in the show are Zoe Crosher (Photography/Integrated Media MFA 2001) and Zack Kleyn (Art MFA 2010), as well as Hina Berau/Judith Fischer, Ricarda Denzer, Mario Garcia Torres, Matthias Klos, Warren Neidich, Roee Rosen, Isa Rosenberger, Unknown Artist, Untitled Collective, Laura Wollen, Donelle Woolford and Ronda Zheng.

With a Name Like Yours, You Might Be Any Shape
CAC Gallery, Building 721
University of California, Irvine
Opening Reception: Thursday, Oct. 4, 6-9 pm
Exhibition: Oct. 4 – Dec. 1,  Tuesday-Saturday, 12-6 pm

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