From Rubbish to Riches: CalArtian Animator Featured on NBC’s Today

Lyndon Barrois (Film/Video MFA 95), who has worked on more than 20 films including the Matrix Trilogy, I, Robot and The Tree of Life, got his start making art out of gum wrappers.

The New Orleans-born Barrois was first “discovered” by NBC reporter Mike Leonard in 1990, when Barrois’ friend Danny Wilson, wrote Leonard a letter describing Barrois’ work. The original NBC news segment led to notoriety—and business—for the young artist.

Barrois eventually enrolled in CalArts’ Experimental Animation program where he learned to animate his gum wrappers, creating stop-motion films that were eventually exhibited around the world, including at the Museum Of Modern Art in New York; at the Super Bowl in New Orleans and earned him a Palm Springs International Shortfest Award in 1996.

Fast-forward 22 years, and Barrois’ story of discovery and friendship was revisited on the Sept. 26 episode of the Today show, which reunited reporter Leonard with Barrois and Wilson. The report is below.

Above, is the Barrois’ 1993 film, Trench Wars, which was made at CalArts.

This NBC video requires flash to view. There is a 30-second commercial before the clip.

Watch it here on your mobile device.

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