Photo Gallery: Silhouettes Return to CalArts Corridors

A silhouette by Jacob Winkler, born 5/22/81. | Image: Scott Groller

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Last week, students in Leo Hobaica Jr.’s Color and Design I class adorned CalArts’ hallways with a fresh batch of silhouette art.

A description for the first-year Character Animation class, taught by Hobaica, assistant dean for the School of Film/Video, notes that students focus on the design elements that “exemplify core artistic principles applicable in a variety of artistic endeavors, including shape, proportion, line, movement and counter-movement, as well as positive and negative organization.”

Hobaica says that he instructed students to create “anything that took place on Earth on the day you were born.” (Each of the artists’ birthdays are posted next to their pieces.)

Last year’s silhouettes, which were more site-specific, explored the scale and relationship to the environment.

We posted, above, a candid photo gallery of some of works in silhouette.

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