Suffering Fools Haunt the Moose Lodge in Glendale

‘Suffering Fools,’ a Halloween-themed performance event | Photo: Genevieve Gearhart

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This Sunday (Oct. 28), CalArts students and alumni present an evening of immersive, eerie performances in various locations at the Moose Lodge in Glendale from 7-11 pm.  The “charmingly rustic” venue will be home to Suffering Fools, which is “a theatrical event, installation, concert, burlesque, party and fun house all in one.”

Organized by Genevieve Gearhart (Theater MFA 13) and Julianne Just (Theater MFA 12), festivities include a witch-centric adaption of Macbeth, The Weird Sisters, which promises to have the audience exploring hidden corners of the lodge. The production, directed by Gearhart and Just, features 10 members of the School of Theater’s 2013 graduating acting company as well as alumni actors Gilbert Molina (Theater MFA 12), Jenny Greer (Theater MFA 11) and Sallie Merkel (Theater MFA 11). “Appointments” to meet the Weird Sisters are limited and last approximately 30 minutes between 7-11 pm.

Hosted by William Shakespeare (Moira MacDonald, Theater MFA 12) and Helen of Troy (Kyle Stockburger, Theater MFA 12), there will also be a special appearance by The Moose Goddess (Alexis Macnab, Theater MFA 13) and her Nymph (Vivian Kane, Theater MFA 13).

Additional Suffering Fools performances include:

  • Kassandra, a dance aria by Will Salmon, features Kalean Ung (Theater MFA 12).
  • Music for Witches by The Storytelling Band—with Lauren Baba (Music MFA 12), Tim Carr (Music BFA 11), Caitlyn Conlin (Theater MFA 11), Kassandra Kocoshis (Music MFA 12), Mike Lockwood (Music MFA 11), Andrew Rowan (Music MFA 12), Jake Rosenzweig (Music MFA 11)—promises to “evoke Norwegian Water Spirits, Soothsayers, Vampires, Somnambulance and other musical spells through the mystery of song and story.”
  • Come by director/choreographer Natalie Metzger (Dance MFA 11) with music by Robert Allaire (Music MFA 09), in which five women invite you into their lair “where pleasure and terror await.” The piece is danced by Erica Carpenter (Dance BFA 12), Lexi Gibbons (Dance BFA 12), Tiffany Stacey (Dance BFA 09) and Chelsea Yarnell (Dance BFA 12).
  • Totentantz Cycles by Jesse Kingsley: “In this 14th century allegorical tradition, puppets from all stations of life meet their fates, and dance to the last song they will ever hear in this world.”
  • Music by a Japanese noise band Insuu Bunkai.
  • A video installation by Dallas Wexler (Theater MFA 12).

Tickets are $5 (cash) at the door, costumes are encouraged, but not required and there is ample free parking.

Suffering Fools
The Moose Lodge 
357 West Arden Ave, Glendale
Oct. 18, 7-11 pm (approximately)
$5 , cash only
All ages 

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