Photo Gallery: ‘Dodecahedron’ Exhibit Features Works of 12 Experimental Animators

Grace Rhee’s ‘Nighmares’ was part of the ‘Dodecahedron‘ exhibition.

[nggallery id=299]

Earlier this month, CalArts School of Film/Video faculty member Maureen Selwood’s MFA-3 Experimental Animation thesis production class showcased excerpts of 12 artists’ work in an exhibition named Dodecahedron (for the geometric figure with 12 plane faces).

Featured artists were: Ben Markus, Flaminia Bonfiglio, George Metaxas, Grace Rhee, Ivy Flores, Jason Davis, Jeannette Bonds, Lisa Brotz, Manuel Baremboim, Matt Broach, Rose Bruner and Vita Hsu.

View some of the images posted above.

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